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Steampunk Goggles

One of the most loved steampunk accessories for all steampunk enthusiasts comes in the form of steampunk goggles. They are often referred to as blow torching or aviation goggles. Historically, goggles were used as protective equipment for horse riders, pilots, sailors and scientists. 

History of Steampunk Goggles

Goggles  can be seen as early as the 14th century with Persian pearl divers who used them to see better while swimming. They reappear throughout history but most notably in the latter part of the nineteenth century and the early parts of the twentieth century.

It became common for individuals to use goggles during horse races or while riding in a horseless carriage to protect against dry eyes. Like the top hat they became a symbol of status and wealth indicating a life of leisure.

Not long after they evolve into a staple among the working class during the industrial revolution. Used as protective gear for factory workers throughout WWI & WWII. 

Common Uses:

They served multiple purposes like: protecting sailors and pilots eyes from debris & preventing their eyes from getting dry.  Scientists and factory workers also used them for protection from fire, and dangerous chemicals while working in the laboratory or offering protection from sparks and hot steam in the boiler room. The modified version of these steampunk goggles are used as safety clothing in the laboratories and workshops.

Steampunk Goggles Today

Today, the following professions can commonly use goggles are suped up steampunk goggles:

  • Horse riders
  • Motorcyclists
  • Pilots of fighter planes
  • Scientists
  • Manual laborers
  • Engineers
  • Awesome Animals

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Steampunk Goggles

Since steampunk goggles are used as protective equipment, some factors need to be taken into consideration: 

Materials used: steampunk goggles can come with or without lenses. The material used in the creation of these goggles should be your primary attention since they determine how long the goggles will last.

  1. Cost: the total amount of money to be spent while purchasing the steampunk goggles is another vital factor to be taken into consideration. Purchase steampunk goggles that you can afford.
  2. Purpose of Use: what you intend using the steampunk goggles for determines how much you’re gonna spend. This also determines the quality of materials they will made made out of. A casual cosplay encounter is cheaper than jockeying at the Kentucky Derby. 

-Audrey W.

Entrepreneur | Nerd | Blogger

*Special Thanks to my friends at Umbrella Laboratory, Dieselpunk Ro & 4EverStore for allowing me to display their products in this blog and on our site 🙂

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