Couples That Cosplay Together Stay Together

July 22, 2018 Audrey W. 

According to Physchology Today, “at the end of the 20th century, 43% to 46% of marriages were predicted to end in dissolution.” Staying together as couples for a lifetime means that the two have you have to constantly review yourselves and the relationships and see to reinventing one another. This way the connection seems refreshed on a timely basis. Now, you begin to wonder ‘how can I keep the connection with my spouse alive?’. 

If your in this situation then why not try cosplay as a couple? It is a very good way to build a connection with your partner and ensure you both stay together. 80% of divorces are unilateral for irreconcilable differences and not contested so find something you enjoy together. 



Cosplay is the New 50 Shades of Gray

Cosplay has a lot to offer in terms of a couples connection socially and physically. It’s healthy to express and act on sexual  fantasies. According to a survey conducted on ABC News, “among couples who’ve been together less than three years, 58 % call their sex lives very exciting. At more than 10 years, only half as many, 29 percent, say so”.

Think outside of the box people! Make the fun and excitement of Halloween or a sexual version of that, last all year long in your twilight hours.

How to Cosplay?

First Think This….

                                                                   NOT THIS !!!

In the course of a cosplay, couples tend to imitate some characters by putting up a costume similar to them. Many of these times, these couples try to fashion themselves in like with notable figures who represent an ideology capable of imitation.

When couples cosplay these characters, they tend to be moved by who they are, and what they describe as well. So, for example, two couple who cosplay, have the girl dress like a bride of Deadpool while the guy dresses like Deadpool himself. In the course of playing their roles, these two can begin to sense some form of connection which can lead to a lifelong association.

Preparing For a Cosplay Helps Couples Bond More             

I remember reading an article where a couple shared their experience of how they would spend nights for months preparing for a cosplay. In this period, couples are able to do more than just prepare, they are also able to bond more with themselves, talk about certain vulnerabilities aside every day keeping up with work and family life. They can take a timeout to catch fun, laugh more and be happy together leaving all the demands of life behind them.

So “Couples That Cosplay Together Stay Together”, cosplay is more than just fun and games to couples. Find passion and bond with your significant other in a fun safe environment. This will help ensure that you do not just stay together, but that you stay actively together in love and happy with one another. 

-Audrey W.

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