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5 Must-Have Steampunk Accessories

Who would have thought that the Victorian era plus steel powered engines would be a fashion trend? Some would even call it a lifestyle!  Combining that ancient charm with our modern technology, steampunk is now indelible in the world of aesthetics.

As I have been increasing my own steampunk knowledge I have noticed there is a wide variety of steampunk styles, yet I do not believe they have ever been “officially” defined. I personally think there are 4 types of Steampunk Fashion Styles: Victorian, Wasteland/Apocalyptic, Nautical and Cyperpunk. I go into more detail about each of these styles in my post titled ” 4 Fashions Themes within Steampunk”.  Nonetheless, the stereotypical steampunk outfit requires 5 unique and intricately accessories.


5 Must-Have Steampunk Accessories:

 1. A Mask or Hat: There is are a variety of masks seen within the steampunk lore. Most include anachronistic technological features  like cogwheels, leather, or additional technology to “improve” vision. Some cover your complete face while others have more of a phantom of the opera feel or transport you back to WWII when gas masks were used. Then the epitome of steampunk masks includes the “Plague Doctor Mask” which was historically often an image that produced hysteria & terror as the patients rarely survived the doctors visit.     

Steampunk hats may be a better option for the less wild look. Most hats were made out of leather and typically indicated a higher social status historically. The most famous of hat styles is the top hat. Does anyone else automatically think of Abe Lincoln when you hear that phrase? Weird huh? The current fashion is to decorate a top hat with chains, clock wheels, goggles, feathers or anything else that will turn some heads. It’s like a gothic Kentucy Derby.

2. Goggles: These are more like the spice of the outfit. They make the whole outfit adventurous and you do not even have to wear them over your eyes, you could just wear them on your head, or accessorize your hat, or wear them around your neck and you are all spiced up and ready to go. 

3. Jewelry: Steampunk necklaces are very detailed and delicately crafted jewelry. Each one tells a different story, this is why centuries later they still remain a fashion must-have in every wardrobe steampunk or not. They are so vintage they will have you yearning for historical times. They are mostly made of brass which makes them even more sophisticated.

4. Gadget or Weapon: The choice is dependent on the “style” you are hoping to achieve. Are you half man half cyborg? Maybe a badass jetpack is what your outfit needs to step up its’ game. Are you going Steampunk Privateer? Then your definitely gonna need a pirate sword. Perhaps your into diesel punk – grab your closet DIY Steampunk Nerf gun and strap that bad boy on your hip!

5. Last but not least steampunk bags or utility belts. That’s right a steampunk bag is an acceptable man purse, the modern version of a messenger bag if you will.  This is an affordable option to DIY yourself, simply whip out a glue gun and purchase some vintage trinkets and BAM your all done.

Being a steampunk fashionista you often have to carry around additional weapons, poison vials and an extra set of goggles so utility belts come in handy. I think they give any outfit a adventurous feel and a dangerous edge on your larping counterparts or opponents. 

The exciting thing about steampunk fashion is there is no defined limitations just use your imagination!  If you choose from the 5 Must Have Steampunk Accessories you are bound to create an epic outfit!

-Audrey W.

Nerd | Entrepreneur | Blogger

*Special thanks to my friends at Dieselpunk Ro, Talis Mana Designs, Time Watch,  Cuckoo Nest Art Studio, Steampunk Art Studio,  4EverStore &  Umbrella Laboratory for allowing Steampunk Love & Blog to feature their products within our articles and website.

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